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Proper Induction of a Team Member is as Critical as Introducing a Newly weded Wife to Family, Customs, and Culture.

A well Inducted Medical Representative is More Effective and Productive, The Ownership of Task Assigned is Alway better, and Hence the Productivity

Well Begun is Half done” Fits into Induction of Team Member/Medical Representative, A member Inducted well and Exposed to all Facts, Doable’s and Strategy of Doing it during Induction Performs Much better with Better Ownership.

Parameters and Important Aspects of Induction

  • What is Induction?
  • Who is Responsible for Induction?
  • Process/SOP for Effective Induction.
  • Field Induction – 1st Joint Fieldwork.
  • Does it Impact Performance?
  • Checklist for induction.
  • Objectives/Target of Induction.


Induction is Generally Defined as a Formal Briefing and Brief Training to Team Member/Medical Representative, Enabling him to Understand the Systems, Process and Start Working Immediately in Line with the Expectations.

What is important to cover during the Process of Induction? 

  • Corporate Goals and Visions.
  • Important Milestones Organization Achieved.
  • Organogram, Role of Cross Functions he needs to Discharge his Duties Effectively.
  • Hierarchies of various Department including His own, and Processes to be followed while Contacting/ Seeking Help or Escalating any Matter (Matrix)
  • Reporting Pattern, Complexities, Need, and Importance
  • Products of Company, Major Contributor, Upcoming Plans, and Products
  • Product Knowledge, Promotional Strategies, and Various SOPs for His/Her Position
  • KRA’s expected from His Position and Job Role.
  • What is for Him in Organizations Very Important to develop a sense of Belonging and Ownership of the Role

What are Responsibilities of Area Manager:

Area Manager Plays Most Critical role in Induction of Any Medical Representative in Pharma Industry, Because

  • The Inducted Team member is his Reportee.
  • His Performance is Sum total of His Team Member’s Performance
  • His Professional Growth is Achieved when he Creates His Replacement.
  • His KRA is Dependent on His Team Members.
  • He is the First to be Affected by Attrition
  • The Area Manager is a Coach, Mentor & Guide for Team Member
  • Immediate Point of Contact for Any Grievance of Information
  • The process of Induction Help Both to understand each other better, Build a Bond, and an Environment of trust between the Two
  • The Area Manager is well aware of His Market, Products, and Customers, which can Help Team members to Understand the Nitty-Gritty of the Job
  • During Process A.M Understands and Evaluates weaknesses and Strengths and What triggers, To Develop and Control of the Team member Effectively

What is the Process Of Induction?

Well, Designed Induction with Robust Execution can Bring desired outcomes, This Saves Time, Develops Better Understanding and Respect for Managers.

  • Be Ready with the Details which need to be shared with New Joiner.
  • Prioritize based on HQ, Market, Experience, Therapeutic Segment, and The Ultimate Objective (Sales), Which Part to be Given Importance, and How much Time Allocation
    • Product Knowledge
    • Detailing
    • Policies
    • Customer List & Business Details
    • Any other Relevant info (Based on Organization Priorities)
  • Territories and Markets to Be covered.
  • Organogram/ Redressal System, Communication Process and Guidelines etc
  • Target Sheet and Planning(Discuss) how to Achieve.

Induction in Field (On Job)

  • The manager Should Join Immediately his Team member in Field after the Completion of the Class Room Session.
  • Should Spend Minimum 4-6 Days at a Stretch, For Observation & Course correction. Besides Demonstration of On Job Activities
  • 2nd Line Manager Should Also Join with the following Objectives
    • Understanding How well the Process is carried out
    • Identifying the Gap – Expected v/s Achievement (Purpose is identifying Development Needs if Area Manager)
    • Ensuring The Induction Field as well as Classroom is as per Norms, and Validation of Process
    • Cover-up the Gaps and Preparing Area Manager for Future Inductions.
    • Feedback/Supervisory Role
  • The Area Manager Should Cover the Important Customers/Markets during these Field Induction Days to ensure the Business from the Territory is not Lost
  • All Stockists/Distributors, and Key Retailers must be Visited during this Period
  • The final Day is Most Important to Ensure the Pace is Set and It moves in absence of the Area Manager, For that
    • Check back Learnings Understanding
    • Small Review of Performance (Activity) of Induction Period.
    • What Company Expects, What is Team Members Understanding (Of Goals/Objectives/Activity Levels)
    • Agree on Feedback Mechanism, to Track the Initial Days (As they are Critical), Without building any Mental Pressure, Whatever is decided must be Mutually agreed upon without the use of Authority.

Impact of Induction on Performance

  • “Well Begun is Half Done” is precisely the Impact of Induction.
  • An effective Induction brings in Ownership for Company and Assigned Task
  • A Proper systematic induction develops a disciplined Employee.
  • A meticulous induction produces an Asset for Organization.
  • A good Induction results in the Achievement of Organizational objectives.

Check List of Induction

  • Understanding the Level of Product Knowledge and USP’s – Conduct Test.
  • Detailing/Sales presentation ability – Perfect this.
  • Objection Handling – Have you equipped him/her?
  • Territory Description
  • Customer profiling especially of Key Customers.
  • Distributor/Stockist Profiling.
  • Handing over CVL/Reporting id/Format/Bag/Samples/VAF/Other Promo-material.

Objectives to be achieved during Induction


  • Team Member is well versed with the Products and Promotional Plans
  • Having understood, Organizational Goals and Vision
  • Understood the Various Functions, that need to be coordinated, and Their role in His Performance.
  • Role Clarity is Achieved, Goal is within the vicinity
  • Ownership has started Developing, Understands his/Her Responsibilities
  • Able to Visualize opportunities for him in Organization.
  • His focus is to Work no more Job Searches.
  • Sense of Belongingness is Developing, The Trust element is at its place.
  • Business Sense.
  • Product Knowledge.
  • Detailing/Sales Presentation skills.
  • Importance of Discipline, Integrity, Adaptability, Flexibility, and Mobility.


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