Effective Sales Presentation – An art of Generating Prescription | Pharma Industry | Visual Aid Detailing


Drug and Cosmetic Act Does not Allow Promotion of Drug Substances through Advertising Media’s Commonly used like Banners. Posters, Radio, TV, etc

In Pharma Industry Customer is not necessarily the Consumer, the Consumer is a Patient while the Customers are Doctors, Since the Decision of Consumption by the Patient is Taken by Dr through his Prescription Order.

Conversion of Customer is the Backbone of Business and Growth in Pharma Industry, The Most Important Resource is the Sales/Field force with Medical Representative at its Core.

The Most Important Skill Required is Effective Communication for Discharging his Duty and Achieving His/Her Objective.

The Communication is Designed to Deliver the Core Contents, USP’s and is Inline with the Promotional Strategy of the Company.

The Presentation Made in front of Customer to influence him/her for His/Her Product is Called Sales Presentation or in General Term Detailing, More Precisely Effective Detailing. This remains the Biggest tool for Converting the Customer for Your Product and Generating Revenue through Prescriptions.

Essential Components of Effective Sales Presentation/Detailing:

  1. VAF – Visual Aid Folder
  2. Contents/Text Delivery.
  3. References/Studies
  4. Literature and Leave Behinds/Reminder Cards
  5. Use of Other Promotional Inputs (Gifts/Table Top Reminders etc)
  6. Objection Handling

Following Levels of Sales and Marketing Remains Most Important

  • Medical Representative
  • Area Manager (1st Line Manager)
  • Product Manager

Roles of Different Levels/Hierarchy in Sales Presentation


Medical Representative.

  • Sales Presentation/Detailing – Prime responsibility of Sales Presentation is of Medical Representative, He Must be Very Clear on Concept and Contents of Presentation/Detailing to be More Effective.
  • Brand Positioning – Able to Position his/Her Brand in front of Customer in Accordance to RCPA and Company Strategy/Promotional Guidelines.
  • Retailers – Able to effectively Present His/Her Brand to Ensure Availability and Regular Leverage
  • Stockist – Effectively Communicate the Policies related to Stockist and Maintaining and Using the Data and Records from Various Sources Like RCPA, Sales Stock Statements, Availability, POB Executions, Maintaining Good Professional Relations with Stockist and Its Staff handling your Products/Services
  • Distributor/Depot/COnsignee Agents –  Placing Orders, Tracking stock status, Updation on promotional Material or Stocks dispatch status.
  • Reporting Managers/PMT/Seniors/Cross Functions – Effectively Communicating Achievements, Performance, Challenges, and Resolutions, Seeking Help for Grievances and Getting Help to Resolve, Help in Improving Productivity

Area Manager –

  • The Role of the Area Manager is as Supervisor, Mentor, & Most Importantly Coach.
  • JFW is an Opportunity which Area Manager of the Pharma Industry can Utilize for Improving Productivity through Improving His Team In-Clinic Performance is Primarily Sales Presentation/Detailing and Its Various Components.
  • Most of the Area Managers Play a Role of Pillion Rider and Participate in the Level of Thank You and Sorry, in Joint Calls.
  • The Respect of Area Manager is Dependant on How Effective he is able to Develop his Team Member, in turns facilitating his own Development.
  • Remember JFW is Not an Ordinary Work or Where Area Manager is Just Supervisor or Silent Spectator, His Role We discuss more in Our Article on “Joint Field Work”
  • Area Manager Has to Evaluate, Coach, Validate, Demonstrate and Encourage his Team for Performing their Active Role in Sales Presentation.
  • During Joint field-work Detailing/Sales Presentation becomes critical and needs a preplanned approach to make it more effective and Dynamic.
  • The Purpose of “Joint” work is To Develop and Coach your Team Member so that he Performs in your Absence also.


During JFW Following needs to be taken care

  • Pre-call Planning on role play in Dr’s Chamber.
  • Defined communication between the Participants (Maybe ASM ZSM, SM, PMT)
  • No echoing of Text or USP’s
  • The objective is to present the product/brand more effectively.
  • On the Job Coaching/Training on Effective Sales presentation must be in Focus.
  • The medical representative must be taken through Probing, Asking Questions, Demanding Prescription, Presenting/Using Samples/Literature/Gifts skills, and Most importantly Objection Handling skills.
  • Demonstrate – Evaluate – Coach – Attempt – Demonstrate must be the Model to Train/Coach.

Product Management Team –

PMT plays a Very Crucial Role in Designing Sales presentations and Promotional Strategies, They are not at the Forefront Directly but are Always at the Forefront with the Tools (Detailing/VAF/Strategy) provided to Field Force.

Following Are Very Important when it Comes to Designing Sales Presentation/Strategies:

  • A Simple Strategy with Robust Execution can Generate Better Results than a Robust Strategy with Average Execution.
  • Execution/Executability Remains the Key to Success of Any strategy.
  • Tracking Execution through JFW or Feedback Mechanism.
  • A good Detailing is Like Mini Skirt, Long enough to Cover the Important, Short Enough to Keep it Interesting
  • VAF should Contain the Important References Used as USP as Bullet Points.
  • Designing needs to be as Per theme for Product and Promotional Strategy.
  • Punch Line needs to be Effective to Get Registered with Brand or its Attributes
  • Literature/Reminders/Gifts/Any Inputs planned should be Based on Theme relevant to Marketing/Promotional Strategy.
  • Communication to Field Force is Most Important in this Entire Process, Remember Enthusiasm is Contagious, It is Enthusiasm of PMT for Product which is Transferred to Field force through Communication and Inturns Generates Rx

“Remember an Effective Sales Presentation overcomes Many hurdles of undefined Objection”


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