Business Development Manager : Gynaecology , Dermatology

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Job Overview

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  • Experience
    12 Years
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  • Desired Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
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Job Description

Designation- Business Development Manager
Role Profile: To build a culture of high performance team by driving and leading Emcure’s key competencies and help the team and organization achieve and exceeds financial objectives
• Setting team vision
1. Able to clearly set and communicate the vison with the team
2. Align the team with organizational, professional and personal vision
3. Create clear and specific milestones to help team understand how and what is to be done to accomplish the objectives
4. Keep constant communication with the team reinforcing the vision and objectives
5. Drive and enable the team to speak “One Language “of performance

• Achieve and Exceeds Business Objectives
1. Drive and lead the team towards achieving and exceeding the business objectives
2. Supervise and Monitor the sales progression of ZMs and RMs
3. Provide periodic feedback on the sales and non sales Key Performance Indicators to the ZM and RM
4. Lead newer business development opportunities and drive the team towards maximising opportunities

• Business Development
1. Ensure Optimum ROI from KOLs and KBLs
2. Be the custodian of KOL and KBL development through identifying collaborative opportunities and become partner of choice
3. Validate improvement plans and maximisation plans for the entire geography assigned to BDM
4. Constantly conducts opportunity mapping for developing new business
5. Identify recent market changes, current preference and treatment priorities of doctors and help the team customise their approaches by guiding the ZMs and RMs

• Planning and Organizing
1. Ensure accurate estimate of planning forecasting
2. Identify key resources required to accomplish an organisational task for self and the team
3. Develop schedules and timetables with clear, specific milestones and deadlines
4. Establish a mechanism of how to measure the outcome of a task

• Coaching and Mentoring
1. Coach and provide periodic feedback to ZM on their team coaching- Build a culture of coaching
2. Use meetings as a platform for effective team coaching and development
3. Mentor High Potential and high value RM and TM to build leadership pipeline- Situational coaching for team development
4. Develop future leaders from the ZM/RM pool

• Fostering cohesive performance focused team
1. Build a culture of teamwork and collaboration within the team
2. Role model open and effective communication
3. Role model achievement orientation and timeline adherence
4. Encourage people to speak up with courage
5. Build a strong performance focused team through constant feedback, motivation and encouragement

Targeted Competencies:

• Fostering Team Spirit
• Decision Making
• Impact & Influence
• Achievement Orientation
• Planning & Organising