Job Overview

Job Description

Pfizer is looking for experienced women frontline sales professionals for taking on the biggest opportunity in the vaccine business of Pfizer India, thus making a big patient impact. This individual will be responsible for driving sales results in the Hospitals for Vaccines business and building long-term client relations with KOLs.

Role Purpose:

  • As Healthcare Executive the incumbent is expected to be a vital interface between the Company and the medical profession by briefing them on the scientific features and patient care benefits in respect of the company’s products, consistently achieving budgeted sales of the products in the assigned territory through planned coverage and systematic implementation of promotional strategies and customer service initiatives and reporting thereof.

Role Responsibilities:

A. Strategic/Policy:

  • Develops a clear understanding of his role as a responsible Executive of the Company and applies the knowledge, experience, and skills to achieve the defined objectives for the Position and the Team, as applicable. Keeps the organization’s policies and interests uppermost in mind while executing the role as per the guidance of the superiors.
  • Reviews and discusses his plans for the achievement of his territory’s sales budget each month. Seeks the assistance of the Healthcare District Manager and the Regional Business Manager in formulating sales strategy, and delivers promotional messages tailored to each customer need.
  • Jointly with the Healthcare District Manager, classifies the medical practitioners in his territory into three categories A, B, and C in descending order of importance, A being the most important and C the least.
  • Schedules the frequency of his calls to the doctors depending upon their importance regarding sales of the Company’s products.
  • Strictly adheres to coverage plans and frequency.
  • Strictly adheres to all applicable Pfizer policies and procedures.

B. Operational:

  • Regularly visits the Hospitals in the area to ensure the sale of the Company’s major products collects information on the sales of competitor’s products and regularly updates this data.
  • Keep himself updated on the competitor’s activities through personal visits to wholesalers and retailers and through systematic collection and analysis of data.
  • Books orders from the retailers to ensure adequate availability on their shelves to meet the market demand. Also assists in the display of the Company’s products on the retailers’ shelves.
  • Ensures thorough pre-call planning and asks for the assistance of the Healthcare District Manager, wherever necessary.
  • Prepares and implements special schedules for doctors’ visits/calls at the time of new product launches or sales campaigns etc. using special presentations, promotional materials, and sales strategies.
  • Carries meticulous one-to-one detailing of the product bringing to the doctor’s attention the special features/benefits of the product, its proven efficacy, new research and clinical findings, etc.
  • Follows his approved tour program, prepares and sends Daily reports either in paper form or electronically on his day-to-day activities mentioning in detail the calls made by him to the doctor’s clinics and hospitals.
  • Maintains contacts with nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals in his territory. Collects the data on the annual budget for medicines in respect of each of the hospitals, their mode of purchase, rate contracts, and drug committee members.
  • Maintains regular contact with medical practitioners, consultants, Hospital KOLs, and wholesalers.
  • Forwards adverse events and product complaints reported by customers and consumers in the appropriate format in a timely manner as described in the relevant SOPs.
  • Conducts Taxi tours to meet the customers in micro-interiors and generate business for the products.
  • Conducts group meetings, Speaker programs, and Round table meetings for the doctors and Hospital KOLs to impart product benefits.
  • Conduct camps in coordination with the medical Associations.

C. People

  • Demonstrate and promote Pfizer’s global values in all interactions.
  • Demonstrates team spirit and cooperation towards the achievement of individual and team objectives.

D. Financial

  • Achievement of Sales budgets.
  • Assists in the collection of receivables, where required
  • Proper utilization of product samples, detailing aids, and other promotional material.
  • Proper accounting and reporting of expenses.

E. Technology

  • Use technology solutions for enabling better information availability.
  • Use technology developments for effective field operations.

Skills and Experience required:

1. Qualification:

  • Graduation Degree in Sciences / Pharmacy with relevant 2-8 years of experience in Sales is desirable.
  • Working with Hospitals (is a must) for Vaccines from different therapy areas like – Vaccines, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Cardiology Pediatric, or any other Critical care segment.

2. Special Skills & Knowledge

  • Knowledge of therapeutic segments and related medical information.
  • Knowledge of regulatory aspects and issues related to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Knowledge of applicable Pfizer policies and procedures, including those relating to promotional practices and adverse event reporting.

3. Key Competencies

  • High Drive for Results
  • Planning & Prioritizing
  • Articulate in-clinic Communication
  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Confidence & Commitment
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork & Co-operation
  • Performance Orientation

Interview Preparation:

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