Senior Executive | Plant Maintenance | Abbott | Baddi

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Job Overview

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  • Experience
    4 Years, 6 Years
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  • Desired Qualification
    Bachelor Degree
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Job Description

1. To ensure compliance with GMP/GEP/GDP.

2. To ensure safety compliance as per Abbott Safety Guidelines

3. Experience in automation engineering, as well as process control programming languages such as PLC (programmable logic controller).

4. Provide prompt responses to inquiries whenever there is a breakdown and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

5. Ensure that equipment is in good working order so as to prevent disruption of activities

6. Troubleshoot, analyze, repair, report on, and recommend/ perform service of SCADA, PLC, instrumentation, servo drive motor controls, and process analyzers.

7. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system used to collect data from equipment and sensors in a controlled or automated environment. A SCADA engineer develops, deploys, and maintains SCADA systems to control processes.

8. Designing and developing new control systems, testing, maintaining, and modifying existing systems;

9. Assist in forecasting requirements, creating a budget, and scheduling expenses for the electrical components.

10. Keep a record of all stock and supplies, including the company’s electrical equipment

11. Working in collaboration with the production team to formulate the best cost-effective manufacturing process

12. Supervise electrical works when new installations are undertaken.

13. Learn new skills and attend training programs in other to increase knowledge of trends and best practices in the industry

14. Provide a safe working environment for members of staff, and ensure electricity-induced accidents and mishaps are prevented

15. Purchase Instruments, fittings, and components i.e HMI, PLC, IPC, etc., or supervise the staff charged with the responsibility

Department: Engineering (Plant Maintenance.)

Designation: Senior Executive 1B

Qualification: B Tech (Electrical/Instrumentation)

Experience: 4 to 6 years