Starting A Sales & Marketing Company in Pharma Industry


Pharma Industry is the Only Industry wherein A Sales & Marketing Company Can be Started at Various Levels

  1. National Level – Marketing Company
  2. National Level Marketing and Manufacturing.
  3. Zonal Level
  4. Regional Level
  5. Area Level
  6. District Level
  7. Market Level (Usually PCD)
Many Entrepreneurs who are Looking to Start or Enter Pharma Business Here is the Guide for Them

Following Needs to be In Place for a Company/Start-up in Pharma Industry

  1. Incorporation/ Registering a Company
  2. Developing Corporate Philosophy & SOP’s to Manage Operations Smoothly
  3. Selecting The Therapeutic Segment
  4. Selection of Product Portfolio
  5. Registering Brands – TMR
  6. Finalizing Manufacturers – Third Party/Loan Licence (Own Manufacturing is Not recommended initially)
  7. Designing Strategies and Brand Positioning so that Entire Print material is Inline with Strategies.
  8. Finalizing Designs for Products and Visual Aid.
  9. Designing Literature and Extraction/Search of References in Line with Brand Positioning and Promotional Strategies.
  10. Finalizing Selection Criteria for Various Departments and Hierarchies in Line with Corporate Strategies.
  11. Hiring Of Staff, Resources for Operations
  12. Training and Developing Skills of Staff Hired, for Handling operations in Line with Strategies.
  13. Setting up Evaluation Parameters, Feed Back Mechanism, Redressal Methods, Competent Authorities, and Empowering.
  14. Developing Distribution Network.


Essential Departments for Start-up Company at Small Scale

  1. Sales Team

  • Composed of Medical Representative Area Manager, Positions above Area Manager Depends on the Size of Team Decided.

2. Product Management/Training

  • A Professional from Brand Management to Develop Brand/Promotional Strategies VAF, Literature Search, References, and Analysis.
  • In an Extremely Small set-up, these Services can be Outsourced to Independent Marketing/Designing Companies/Free Lancers
  • Training to Field Staff (Can be Outsourced Also)

3. Distribution and Ware House Manager/Team Member

To facilitate smooth Receipt and Dispatch of Stocks, Managing Inventories, Auditing Stocks, etc

4. Accounts/Billing Person –

To Manage Various Office Works, Billing, Inventory updation, Payments Records, Taxations, Salary Processing, etc.

5. Competent Person –

Drug Licence – Managing all Compliance with the D&C Act

The Above All can be Managed with the Help of Manager or The Director/Founder Him/Herself.



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