Territory Business Executive | Galderma | Chennai

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Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    March 30, 2024
  • Location (State / UT)
  • Expiration date
    June 26, 2024
  • Experience
    2 Years
  • Gender
  • Desired Qualification
    Bachelor Degree

Job Description

  • Build business relationships with customers in the territory and achieve sales target month after month.
  • Attend company meetings regularly; collect technical data, presentations, and briefings.
  • Monitor what are the competitive companies doing, about their products and what steps they are taking steps for the promotion of their products.
  • Receive feedback and comments on products from dermatologists and forward appropriate information to managers.
  • Maintain customer data, calls, and other sales data & update the computer database.
  • Build a strong rapport with customers and doctors to drive continuous business
  • Arrange CME/RTM monthly or as required to encourage customers and provide academic interest in our brand/products.
  • Assist customers with medical/academic queries/questions whenever required from the medical database maintained in HO.

Customer Relationship Management:

  • Update Doctor List on an ongoing basis & identify new potential doctors from your assigned territory.
  • Correct brand matrix through effective RCPA.
  • Identify influencing factors for Doctors: Early adopter of a molecule/ knowledge oriented / service minded (CRM), etc.
  • Collect & enter personal details of doctors & assess the current share of prescriptions.
  • Enquire about competitor activity on doctors.
  • Plan the visit as per divisional needs like one / two / three visits.
  • Open call effectively, seek / demand for Rx product, close the call AFTB way.
  • Detailing with VAF / LBL / inputs effectively.
  • Clarify doubts/objections and use the right references.

Chemist Management:

  • Identify all potential chemists in your assigned territory and meet all chemists at the right frequency/ intervals.
  • Find out the availability of stocks for products & enquire about short expiry products.
  • Find out competitor sales by brand name.
  • Inform all chemists about the bonus and special schemes offered by the organization

Stockist Management:

  • Collect the list of distributors and record details of the owner/manager.
  • Inform all stockists about the bonus & special schemes offered by the organization
  • Provide details of batches supplied and payment methodology.
  • Prepare a list of chemists/hospitals/doctors where supplies are made.
  • Generate Stock & Block (S&B) orders from specific customers to boost sales.
  • Visit nominated stockiest regularly and follow division requirements.
  • Follow up for billing of orders & due payments.
  • Help stockists liquidate overstocked products.
  • Enquire about the status of payment from chemists where POB is supplied.

Generating demands:

  • Visit every doctor on Doctor List at the right frequency as per plan.
  • A plan detailing the brands accurately
  • Consistently demand prescriptions from the doctor for the products.
  • Provide all planned inputs to doctors on time.
  • Politely sensitize doctors when prescriptions are declining.
  • Take POB from the mapped chemists for the right stock availability.

Implementation of marketing/ sales strategy communicated by Marketing department/ Senior Management/ Line managers:

  • Attentively listen and understand strategy and inputs during CSM.
  • Clarify with Marketing / DSM / RM / ZTM when in doubt.
  • Study Dermpower thoroughly.
  • Practice VAF / detailing story for LBL.
  • Plan each call with details and update the same on the SFA module.
  • Execute the call as per plan without deviation.
  • Use all chemist inputs as per plan.
  • Share the feedback with the marketing team from the customers, which further boosts in clinic confidence.

Data Management:

  • Enter monthly plan on sales force automation module on a timely basis.
  • Update changes/ modifications if any on a timely basis.
  • Maintain a daily work diary, ensure an everyday work plan is written before starting work, and note down the discussion once you met the Drs.
  • Update expense statement after reporting work.
  • Take the stockiest sales statement, compile it on a timely basis every month & send it to DSM.
  • Update all data on the sales diary.

Education: Professional Graduation in Pharmacy or Science

Work Experience: Minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of sales

Required pre-requisites skills/experience for this position: Proficiency with MS Office & Basic selling skills

Interview Preparation:

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