Apprentice – Invitro Studies | Piramal Pharma | Ahmedabad

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Job Overview

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    Master’s Degree
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Job Description

To support team members for the execution of all Invitro biology studies.

  • Compounds weighing and respective stock preparation.
  • Buffer/Media and Assay-related reagents preparation.
  • Sample Processing for the assays.
  • Operation calibration and maintenance of all lab equipment (Analytical balance, pH meter, micropipette, etc.).
  • To learn Microsomal Stability, Plasma stability, Plasma Protein Binding, Log D & Log P, and Kinetic and Thermodynamic solubility for all the clients with data analysis.
  • To learn other ADME and biology assays based on timeslot and requirement.
  • To support other team members in maintaining turnaround time in case of multiple requests at a time.
  • To be flexible for coming in shifts based on requirements for balancing workload equally in the team.
  • To evaluate/asses the actual laboratory need of the resources find information for team members for the smooth operation.
  • To update the LNB on a real-time basis.
  • To follow GDP/GLP practice in the lab for any documentation.
  • To follow and implement the SOPs and relevant documents according to QA guidelines
  • To ensure safe practices in the Lab by wearing PPE during operational activities.
  • To obey the guidelines from EHS and participation in EHS-related activities.
  • Equipment custodian for dedicated instruments.
  • To attend in-house or external training/seminar/workshop based on LNI (Learning Need Identification), PLU.
  • To participate in ESI activity as and when facilitated.